The Word Of God Reveals God

John 1:14-18

The Word was spoken from the beginning of time by God Himself, and God Himself was in three persons;  one of the persons, the second person, was Jesus (Logos/Word).  Jesus reveals the Father to us.  In the beginning, the Word (the Logos) already existed.  The Word (Logos) was with God and He was God.  Through Him God made all things.  The Word (Logos) was the source of life, and it brought Light to people.  It shines in the darkness, and the darkness can't put it out.

God sent His messenger, John the Baptist, to give witness to people about the Light, so that people would believe. He himself was not the Light.  He came to testify about the real Light, the Light that was to come into the world, and shines on all people.  The Word (Logos) was in the world, though the world did not recognize Him.  He came to His own country, but His own people did not receive Him.   To those who believed Him, He gave them the right to become God's children.  They did not  become God's childlren by natural means.  God Himself was their father.  The Word (Logos) became a human being, full of grace and truth, and lived among us.  John gave witness about Him when he cried out as His messenger in verse 15, saying that this is the one he was talking about who comes after John, but He is greater than John.   The Word came and lived among us, and we saw His glory, the glory which He received as the Father's only Son.   

For glory to be glory, it must be seen, it must be witnessed, and it must be witnessed personally.  There are places in the gospel of John where the Spirit testifies about the Son, the Son testifies about the Father, and the Father testifies about the Son.  So literally, they have witnessed their own glory forever and ever. 

First, glory is witnessed by God Himself, within Himself.  It is also witnessed by the very first creatures He created, which are the angels.  They have been witnessing God's glory since the moment they were made, before there was ever a universe, before we were here.  They were also there at the moment of creation, to see us born. 

So, for glory to be glory, it can also be witnessed, most importantly, by people.  We witnessed it first at the moment of creation, in the garden of Eden, on day six, when Adam was born.  He beheld all of God's glory around him.  And then to see his helpmate, the daughter of God, being born, Eve.  Then together, they beheld God's glory together.

Then it was witnessed at varying times throughout the Old Testament. Just one of the places you can look for that is in Exodue 33:7, and other places like it, where there could be seen shining glory.  It was seen by Moses on Mt. Sinai.  It was so brilliant, that God said He could not let Moses see His full glory, so Moses saw Him from the back.  When Moses came down from the mountain, his face glowed so much it was covered.  

In the New Testament, it's witnessed in the face of Jesus Christ.  That is what we are witnessing today.  God's glory is now seen in the person of Jesus Christ.  If you look into His face, you see a veiled glory.   It's witnessed continually, since the day of Pentecost by all of us (Acts 2).  What was seen there?  Actual tongues of fire over the heads of the followers.  It is witnessed by us today from within, as the Holy Spirit resides within our hearts.

Jesus' glory is manifested through four things: 

1.  His incarnation.  When He came down from Heaven, and was born as a man, fully God, fully man.  The miracle of the Incarnation has His glory veiled within it.  Remember what the angel said to Mary:  The glory of the Lord will come over you, and it will be seen within you.  So you have this idea of glory going all the way from Heaven to earth and into the womb of the virgin.

2.  His signs, miracles and wonders.  Here is what John says.  The miracles are signs, the wonders are signs, but there are also heavenly and earthly signs in the physical realm that represent God's glory.  Every time you run into one of these, you run into the glory of God.  You see it through the works that Jesus does, and through the works of creation.

3.  His crucifixion and death.   The high point of the gospel of John is in chapter 19:35.   In that verse, this is what is displayed:  the glory of God.   "It is finished."  There is a moment of absolute glory in absolute death.  What did He do for us?  He gave Himself, even to the point of death, even to death on a cross.  Because of that His name is higher than all names, every knee shall bow when the glory returns, when He comes back.

4.  FInally, we see a glimpse of that glory in His resurrection.  His body was glorified.  

God in Christ is the fullness of the Father. Three entities in one.  This illustrates that the Word (Logos) is one and the same with God Himself in the person of Jesus Christ.  The Word (Logos) means the perfect mind of, the perfect will of, the perfect love of, the perfect grace and truth.  The Word of God is the very person of God.  When you see Jesus, you see the Father.

John the Baptist spoke;  he cried in the wilderness, that he was testifying that Jesus is the One because He existed before John, before anything was born.  How great is He?  The person of Jesus Christ has a precoexistence with God the Father.

Why does God bless us every day?  He gives us one blessing after another.  He loves us.  The primary reason according to John is so that we can grow.  Knowing and loving God every day should transform us, and we should become like Christ.    We must be renewed, remade and remolded, refashioned.  God has to take this broken jar that He perfectly made, and reform it.  That is what the Holy Spirit is doing today.

When we accepted Jesus Christ into our lives, He forgave it all-- He justified us.  He restored the image of God, but not the likeness. That's what has to be remade, to grow in the likeness of Christ

My image is God, my likeness is godly.  Is there a willingness to grow?  God is asking us to have a daily continual decision to want to grow.