John 1:1-5

What does "Logos" mean?  The very mind of, the intentions of God toward you; the very will of God.  What does God want us to do in response to what He is saying; and the very love of God.  Think about that.  The mind, intentions will and love of God.  Who is that expressed in?  The person of Jesus.  So the Word became flesh.

The Word of God is creator, life, and light to us.  There was something dwelling in the beginning.  Before there was nothing, there was God.  What makes it diffferent is that John spoke about a specific person who was God.  So, the questions of life are imbedded in the first five verses.  

1.  How did I get here?  God had an eternal plan by the Trinity.  You are the result, not of evolution, but special creation.

2.  Why am I here?  To hear and understand God's nature,  person, and being in the face of Jesus Christ.  Also hear and understand God's Will toward me.

3.  What is the meaning or purpose of my life?  To come to know God personally; to receive eternal life (here and forever)

4.  What will happen or where will I go when this earthly life ends?   Heaven is in each others' presence with God, incarnate.

This is a philosophy of our entire religion, as set down in all 18 verses of chapter 1.  The first five are an outline within an outline. In the beginning, the Word (Logos) already existed.  The Logos was with God, and the Logos was God.  Through the Logos God made all things.  The Logos was the source of life, and the life brought light to people.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.

The main theme of John's prologue is this.  God the Father desired to clearly communicate (speak living words to).  There is a Hebrew word, rheima.  It means to speak right into your mind and your soul.   The very Mind of,  the very Will of, the very Love of God is being spoiken right into you by the power of the Holy Spirit every time you open the Scripture.  So God is  going to communicate this way, and you are going to hear something somebody else is not going to hear.  Something very special will happen to you that will not happen to somebody else.  You will hear His voice in a unique way.

What did God want to communicate?  His very nature, the characteristics that make Him up, His personality/person, His intentions, His Will.  How did He do this?  Through the person Jesus Christ.  That is the main theme of the entire outline.

God the Father is continuing throughout this very day to speak, to rheimas, to communicate with us.   We hear His voice, His intentions, His will, His spoken words through His Son, as written down on these pages John recorded.  Also through the understanding that the Spirit gave to John when he wrote them.

God always existed.  Here is how our founding fathers, in the year 180 AD began to speak.  One of them, Ignatius, said God always was, always is and God always shall be; He created everything out of nothing.  He didn't just exist as God, He existed as Trinity.  One God, yet three persons.  There is deep inside us this understanding of three in one.  We have three distinct relationships in our lives:  child of our parents, parent of our children, and spouse of our spouse (or God).  The Trinity has always existed.  The Spirit dwells within us this day in our hearts.  Look at verse 10:

"He was in the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him."

The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness did not recognize Him.  It is the same problem we have today when we are speaking with those people living in darkness.  They look at you like you have been duped; the light has not gone on.  If the bulb ever goes on, they'll come running to Christ.

God is our life.  The word here means to have life forever.  It was created to be immortal, and it will be immortal forever.   This eternal life has brought light and meaning to us.  Here light means illumination, enlightenment.  Still, we have questions.  Why do you think we have them?  Because we were meant to be curious, to search in the darkness for answers.  Why do we settle, when there is so much more God wants me to understand, so much more God wants me to do.  The first five verses of John are asking me to keep searching.  He was the answer to everything.  He is the Way, and the Truth, and the Light.  Search and search and search and search.  It's an ongoing verb and noun.   The Llight is a search, and the Light is an answer.

Eternal life equals spiritual life in the gospel of John because eternal life is brought to you by the Light of Christ, who is the  Light.  Some did believe Him and did receive Him, and were given the right to become children of God.  Before the  beginning of time, God held your soul.  Before He created, in the nothing, in the void, you were in His hand.  The psalms tell us, He knew us and loved us before we ever were.  You were loved before the foundations of the universe, and you are obviously loved right now because this is the time God has given us to show others the Light; and to help them seek and find eternal life that they might know that kind of love.  This is what John is trying to tell us.

When you were growing up you wanted your mother's love, but whose approval did you want?  Who did you want to say, "Well done, my child."  God is saying, "I have always loved you, I will always love you, I love you this moment, I will love you in the next second, I will love you forever.  Well done.  I'm proud of you."  God is our Light, the Light that shines in the darkness.

You have to keep speaking the Word of Light no matter what they tell you.  When you speak them they bring Life, they bring Light.  Trouble will find you when speak Life and Light.  You will be persecuted.  The Bible tells you, when you do this, great will be your reward in heaven. 

Jesus came for one purpose, to reveal God to us, His very Mind, His very Will, His very Love. for you and me.   The Spirit is implorng you today to live a new life in God today, and to live it again tomorrow.