The Transfiguration

Luke 9:28-36

Am I being transfigured in the presence of the Holy Spirit daily, so that others might not see me, but see the living Christ?  In this chapter, Jesus is instructing us how to do it.  He is also telling us we are going to pay a great price, and that we are not going to be rich here on earth, but we will be rich with the things of God.  Possessions in life can sometimes do things to us that we don't like. 

Jesus says to the pastors  and evangelists of the world, don't even take a walking stick, don't even worry about the sandals on your feet.  At the end, Jesus warns that it will cost you everything.  Grace is not cheap.  If it costed the Son Of God everything, what do you think it will cost you?  If they did this to the master, what will they do to the servant?  Jesus also said, whatever you gave up in this life, you will get it back thousands and thousands more.  He also tells us not to look back.  The world will try to entrap us, and take away His glory from you with the glory of things and possessions, and money and wealth.

Jesus is sought by everybody, whether they know it or not.  That's good for you when you are out there talking to people, because they are searching.  Even Herod wanted to find out about this Jesus.  Jesus tells us to go into the world and preach the good news, and heal the sick, and show people His glory working through us.  In the western world we like to say body and mind and soul.  Get rid of that.  Your body and your mind are one and the same.  They are both of the flesh, and they both work together. 

What is the Transfiguration tied to?  If you want to be transfigured before the world, you have to recommit to Christ every morning.  Holiness is not a one-time deal.  It's a one-time deal followed by a process.  It never ends.  That means recommitment.  Those of you who are married, who is your most beloved spouse?  The bridegroom coming for your soul, is it not?  Do you think the devil, if you don't recommit to Christ, will have an inroad to you that day?  Do you think you'll get into the car and drive nasty because you didn't recommit to Christ before you got into the car?  Let me tell you something, the devil knows your favorite pet sins.  If we are going to be transfigured, we need to recommit.  This morning when I woke I said, "Father in Heaven, I am your son; Lord Jesus, I am your servant; Spirit of God, speak to me this day; and may I be a temple of your Spirit."  I want you all to start praying this every day.  It drives the devil nuts!  It shakes his world.  Who is fighting for you?  Don't forget to thank your angels in the morning. 

We have to get dead serious about this relationship with God if we are going to be transfigured people.  Every day we recommit; every day we reconfess.

The two halves of us, and Christ feeding both -  Christ telling us how to be a disciple.  We have to meet their physical needs and their spiritual needs.  If they don't have this or that, we have to find a way.  Because they are not going to hear from us until they are comfortable enough to even begin to hear, and they will know that we love them.  It's called taking care of  the body.  But we also have to tell them about what can save them eternally, and what can set them free to live.   Whoever the Son sets free is free indeed.  Do you know how you will reflect God's glory.  Just be obedient.  He will be in you in all of His fullness.   Obedience is the hardest thing in the world.  Those who truly believe already obey, and those who are already obeying, truly believe.  That's all we have.  We are conditional.  We love God  because God first loved us. 

Jesus transfigured is a vision of God's glory (Verse30)

"Two men, Moses and Elijah, appeared in glorious splendor, talking to Jesus.   They spoke about His departure, which He was about to bring to fulfillment at Jerusalem."

We were about to have our sins forgiven forever, and we were about to be given the opportunity to die and rise again.  The whole mission of Christ was about to be fulfilled.  And then Peter woke up groggy, and he saw Jesus' glory, and the two (Moses and Elijah) in their glory, and Peter said let's put up three shelters.  The scripture tells us he didn't even know what he was saying.  

We are content to pitch our tent when the glory is evident.  Peter wanted to immortalize this moment.  Peter wanted to stay right there.  He didn't want to see Jesus die.  He knew how weak he was.  Can you hear his humanity?  Peter wanted to stay secure.  Gosh, I wish I could tell you life was that easy, but you've all got so many bangs and bumps and bruises, you know it's not.  The cloud appeared, just like up the mountain with Moses in Exodus.  What was in the cloud?  God the Father, of course (verse 35):

"A voice came from the cloud saying, 'This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him." '

Start asking to hear God's voice every day.  If you've been doing it, keep doing it.  Verse 36 tells us:

"When the voice had spoken, they found that Jesus was alone."

The disciples didn't know what to do.  Then Jesus walked down from the mountain, and what did He do?  He cast out demons.  What did the disciples see? 

MY GLORY.  What will shine there? 


So what can we conclude?  Something very important happened in this story.  What two things are important?  The Son of Man came into the world to seek and to save those who were lost; the Son of Man came into the world to serve and not be served.  There is no other mission for which Jesus came.  Therefore, what would His disciples be doing?  The same thing.  They start with feeding the body and liberating the soul.  First is serving - handing out food.  The second is liberating the souls.  Our mission is to preach the good news of Jesus.   We are seeking them, not saving them, because when we preach to them in the Spirit, He saves them.  You can't just do good works only; you have to talk about it too.  You figure out a way to tie the deed to the action and you will evangelize.  Set people free in their spirit.

Our mission is also to serve everyone, to heal, to bring comfort, and to do it in the authority of Jesus' name.  Serve = set free in body.  Seek and save = set free in spirit.  Chapter 9 is not about the Transfiguration.  Transfiguration is what happens when you are doing it for God.  The important concepts in being a disciple of God are:

Feed and serve others in love.

Commit daily to serve our community and the world.  Courage is not a natural thing.  Ask for it daily.  Are we looking for ways to confess daily to others?  Each one of you has to figure this out.

Prophecy and teach people in Jesus' name - on a small scale, on a big scale, talk to your neighbor.  Commit daily to tell them what Christ did for you, your personal testimony.

Commit daily to stand in His presence.  Meditate, read scripture, devotions (reading and studying your Bible), pray, listen to praise and worship music.

Commit daily to, first, being, set free by God.  Am I living the obedient life, or am I still a slave to sin?  If I'm not set free, who am I going to set free?  Zero  Are we offering God's grace daily to those in need.

How many of you are ready to give this thing we call discipleship a try?