The Kingdom Style of Living


Colossians 3:12-17


"Peace is no something that can be 'achieved,' but something that one must BECOME."

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are just that:  changes that He has brought about in you.

Peace is something that you allow inside yourself, and even more.

A. Four Foundational Qualities That Breed Peace

         Like a coin with two sides, Compassion (and) Kindness

        Both of these gifts are only real when someone else is involved.  

        Gentleness will help you add peace  to any situation.   There is a song that says it:

        "Make me a servant, Humble and Meek.

         Lord, let me lift up those who are weak.

         And may the prayers of my heart always be:

         Make me a servant today."

When you get into the habit of gently helping people with kind deeds performed humbly there is just one more thing needed to help you do all in a peaceful way:  


       Things don't always happen at the pace you are anticipating.

       The fruit of peace grows at a very slow pace.  So let these four qualities abound in you as           you become a peaceful person:  compassion and kindness, humility, gentleness, and                   patience.

B.  Three Fundamental Priorities That Bring Peace

       Bear with each other - Reality #1: Not everyone sees it the way you do.

       Jesus has only one antidote to the poison of hurt:  Forgive one another. 

       Reality #2:   Hurt happens and forgiveness is the only way to keep your peace.

       Love one another - Reality #3:  Bearing with each other and forgiving each other will bring         about what you most want.  A situation in which we can love each other.  

C.  Two Familiar Habits That Support Peace

        Let the message of Christ dwell among you.  The New Testament Church went about                  preaching that the good news is "we have peace with God THROUGH our LORD JESUS              CHRIST."  The daily habit of soaking your soul in the scriptures and meditating on the                  gospel will support the growing of the fruit of peace inside you. 

        And you will be amazed at how this second daily habit adds peace to your soul.  

        Be Thankful rather than feeling cheated or not blessed enough.

D.  Peace Through Surrender

        Let the Peace of Christ rule in your hearts.  The verse in Job tells us:  

       "Submit to God and be at peace with Him. 

       Isaiah prophesied "If you had paid attention to God's commands your peace would have             been like a river."  When your heart fights God for control over your life - there's no peace.         Peace comes with surrender.


Stop waiting for peace to show up.  Be a peacemaker!

Ready to seek peace?  Psalm 34:14 commands you to "turn from evil and do good: seek peace and pursue it."  

Bear with each other, forgive one another, love one another.  Let the message of Christ dwell among you.  Be thankfu.  Let the peace of Christ rule.

Just how much are you willing to do to go looking for peace?