The Inexhaustible Love Of God

Psalm 139

God is in control, but change is hard.  Jesus said "Blessed are those who mourn."  To mourn is to feel , to process, to remember the joy, acknowledge the loss, and move forward a whole person.  Encouragement then, is a pert of the mourning process.  As change comes hammering down on us all, know that there is a constant.  God is the eternal constant.  If you know the character of God and love Him, then that He is so constant is a wonderful and amazing thing.  

Psalm 139 is told from the viewpoint of a man who is in a relationship with God.  Consider the first actions of Adam and Eve upon revolting against God.  They covered themselves.  Contrast this with the repentant Christian.  Our most broken moments come when we see our sins as they truly are, when we are utterly aware of how far we have fallen  short of God's ideal.  Yet, these broken moments are the ones that God loves most.  In Psalm 51 verse 17 says :

"The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart, O God you will not despise."

What God wants is for our hearts to break for the things that break His.  Our love for God grows immensely when we are aware of our brokenness, but still know that our Father in heaven loves us anyway.  Our need for Him fills His heart with pity and moves Him to action.

We can never know the full extent of who God is.  God knows far more than we can ever know.  And yes, His wrath is far more terrifying than our miinds can grasp.  God knows all and can do all.  God is a great sustainer. 

If God knows what I am going to do before I do it, how am I considered free to choose my faith?  God is infinitely intelligent.  He invented time.  Time is part of His creation.  You see this in the scientific concept called "space-time continuum" from science-fiction movies.  It is actually a scientific term to describe creation.  Stephen Hawking said there was never a time when there was nothing.  Time and matter came to be simultaneously.  St. Augustine described space-time in  a book about his relationship with God using only the Bible as his resource.  God is eternal.  He is outside of time completely.  So then, God knows who we are.  He knows who we were, and He knows who we will be.

Guess what  God did when He found me?  He loved me, and He died on the cross for me.   The Holy Spirit walks beside us.  What we are reading is just how far God will go to walk beside us.  The sun was darkened when Jesus died.   Scripture says He became sin on the cross.  It was our sin that caused Him the pain and despair.  Any of us could look at ourselves in the mirror, and realize that God must be seeing something we are not seeing.  In the eyes of God we are righteous and redeemed.  We are His beloved sons and daughters, destined for eternity in heaven with Him.