Guarding The Gospel

The Model Guardsman

1Timothy 4:12-16


There's probably a reason why the young make the best soldiers.  Paul says:

"12.  Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young."  I say, the way to not let anyone look down on you is by being a great advert for God,  Firstly it's by becoming....

A.  An Example Of Godliness

There are five areas where your example has to shine.

1.  "Be careful, little lips, what you say."  Set an example in speech.                                 

2.  "Be careful, little feet, where you go."  Set an example in conduct.  

3.  "Be careful, little hands, what you do." Set an example in speech, conduct, love

4.  "Be careful, little heart, what you trust."  Set an example in faith.

5.  "Be careful, little mind, what you think."  Set am example in purity. 

B.  An Expectation Of Giftedness

The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts to the believers.  Now this isn't a mysterious thing.  Its very practical.  In many cases, the gift you need to serve the Lord was given you through prophecy. Through some sermon or through something that a Christian said or wrote, you become aaware of a partiicular ability that you have.  The best way to neglect a spiritual gift not use it.

C.  An Experience of Goal-Centeredness

"16.  Watch your life and doctrine closely.  Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearts."

One sure way to be a model guardsman or guardswoman is to have accountability partners.  These are more than people you can trust, more than friends who like and love you.  These are people who can hold you to a standard.