The Mystery Of Christmas

1Timothy 3:16


How long do you have to be a Christian before you can say you fully understand the Christmas story?   How do wise men, seeing a star in the sky, connect it to a baby in a manger, Emmanuel, born in the town of David? 

A.  The Mystery of Divinity Permeating Humanity

St. Paul wrote about the mystery of godliness.  Beyond all questions, the mystery of godliness is great.  It is the Mystery of Divinity permeating humanity, taking on human flesh, Isaiah professing a virgin should be with child called Emmanuel.  "El" is the Word of God in Hebrew.  "Emmanuel" is "God with us."  The Word of the Father became flesh and dwelt among us.  

God appeared in the flesh.  That is the mystery of Divinity - to bear the sins of humanity.  The Father spoke when Jesus was baptized:  "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."  This scripture is now fulfilled.  Jesus was vindicated by the Holy Spirit.  Divinity permeated humanity.  He didn't stop there.

B.  The Mystery of Doubters Preaching Internationally

What did it take to move a frightened group of apostles to go into the world and preach His Word?  On the night they came to arrest Jesus, no one was there except a few apostles.  Their courage failed them and they ran. It is amazing that this bunch of doubters began to preach internationally.  Jesus was preached among the nations. 

C.  The Mystery of Disappearance Promising Eternity

Jesus was only with us for 33 years.  Then He died.  Any hope of an international religion was so over.  Oh, and then a grave opened, and the resurrection occurred.  The disciples wondered, looking upward.  How long would you have stood there.  This same Jesus will return in the same way the disciples saw Him ascend into Heaven.  This mystery of eternity gives us the promise of eternity.



Are you waiting to understand the whole mystery first, before you commit your life to Jesus?  Beware -- it may take two lifetimes.  In this life, we are seeing through a blur.  Afterwards, in Heaven, we will see clearly.