Guarding The Gospel

Areas to be Guarded

                                                                                      1Timothy 5:1-16


Ask any social workers in our county - there are many rules for helping people.  "Don't preach about warmth for the soul to people with cold feet" is sound advice. So what does Paul write here about human needs?  The categories may change, but the advice transcends them all.  Embrace the principle of minimum aid.  We try never to use Church money to do for people what their families ought to be doing.

A.  The Quantity of Church Aid

Before it is safe to decide how much help each person needs, the people charged with using Church funds to help them must be sure they are not influenced by outside factors.

B.  The Qualities for Church Aid

Verify, verify, verify is the motto for giving Church aid..finding out if they have no other source of help.  

We seek faith in the person we help.  When we find genuine belief in the person, it makes helping them so much easier.  When a person has faith they are also part of a Church community that can vouch for their genuine need.

C.  The Queries in Church Aid

I won't ever do for you what I think you can do for you!  


We are people who help people.  We are people who have compassion on those in need.

We are also people who have to be on guard against being hoodwinked.